White Swetharkha Wick

According to Hindu Sanatana Dharma, Swetharkha plant is symbolized as home of Lord Ganesh, in fact it is his favourite and is said to be one of the aspects of the Lord himself. Moreover because of its miraculous effects and attributes attracted ancient sages towards Shwetark Ganpati. This is one of the reasons why we get a lot of reference of this plant in our ancient books and scriptures. Ironically being such a useful plant it is very rare to find one.

Special quality of this plant is that natural wicks are made with organic Swetharkha/jilledu/aak roots once dried up. These wicks are offered in a ghee lamp and placed in front of Lord Ganesha which is very auspicious. This brings in immense stability and focused mind and grounding. Improve your concentration and one point focus, peace and inner growth

Collections: Devi Navaratri, Puja Items

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