Yagnopavitham – Sacred Thread –– Gold material

Yagnopaveetham or a sacred thread is the triple stranded sacrificial strand of thread joined by a knot called Brahmagranthi that is worn by those initiated into the Gayathri recital. Yagnopaveetham is a Sanskrit word. Yagna means the homa or sacred ritual and upaveetham means a covering.

Yagnopaveetham means a sacred covering on the body without which a Yagna or a sacred ritual cannot be performed. Yagno-pavita means ‘thread of sacrifice’ that symbolizes the sacrifice of ego, anger & selfishness. This sacred thread is used to offer to sacrifice in a fire or Homa ritual 

"Yajnopavitam paramam pavitram prajapateryat-sahajam purastat I ayushyamagryam pratimuncha shubhram I yajnopavitam balamastu tejah"

Above mantra describes the sanctity, spirituality and sacredness of yagnopavitam and its benefits. It says that, yagnopavitam is "the best among those that purify; the one that has emerged along with Brahma (Prajapati) at the time of creation; that which bestows life (longevity) and prominence; the one that is sacred clean and unsoiled; and the one which confers on to the wearer both knowledge and power.

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