Sri Devi Khadga Mala Stotra Ratna & Sri Devi Khadgamala Namavalli (Chanting Booklet)

This booklet contains the words to the very sacred Sri Devi Khadga Mala Stotram. This stotram is very important for devotees of Divine Mother Lalita Devi, as it contains the names of all the divine saktis located within the Sri Chakra, or Sri Yantra. These divine energies are all manifestations of Sri Lalita Devi herself. The sounds contained in this stotram activate all the important subtle energy centers and attract the most powerful and sacred energies of Sri Lalita Devi. A learning CD is also available, entitled "Learn Sri Devi Khadga Mala Stotram". From the Introduction: "Amma has said that chanting the Khadga Mala Stotram is equal to the complete worship of Divine Mother. When this wonderfully auspicious stotram is chanted, Divine Mother is immensely pleased, and her blessings radiate out toward the entire universe." "Chanting the Khadga Mala Stotram is a very important practice for coming closer to Mother, and ultimately this practice leads to liberation from all the inner enemies and divine union with the blissful consciousness of Sri Lalita Parameswari herself."

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