Likita Japam writing booklet – Book – English


A Likita Japam booklet holds significant spiritual and devotional importance in Hindu tradition, particularly within the context of mantra repetition and prayer practice. Here are some reasons for its significance: 
1. **Mantra Recitation:** Likita Japam involves the repetitive writing or chanting of a chosen mantra or divine name. The booklet serves as a dedicated space for recording these repetitions, helping devotees keep track of their daily practice and progress. 2. **Devotional Practice:** Likita Japam is a form of devotional practice that fosters a deep connection with the divine. By repeatedly writing or chanting a sacred mantra, devotees invoke the presence and blessings of the deity or spiritual principle associated with the mantra. 
3. **Focus and Concentration:** Engaging in Likita Japam requires concentration and focus, as devotees immerse themselves in the repetition of the mantra. The booklet provides a structured format for the practice, helping devotees stay focused and disciplined in their spiritual endeavors. 
4. **Purification and Transformation:** Likita Japam is believed to have purifying and transformative effects on the practitioner's mind, body, and soul. Through the repetition of sacred mantras, devotees purify their consciousness, elevate their spiritual vibration, and cultivate qualities such as peace, love, and devotion. 
5. **Spiritual Progress:** Keeping track of Likita Japam repetitions in a dedicated booklet allows devotees to monitor their spiritual progress over time. It serves as a tangible reminder of their commitment to spiritual practice and the accumulation of merit through mantra recitation. 
6. **Personalized Practice:** Each Likita Japam booklet is unique to the individual practitioner, containing their handwritten repetitions of the chosen mantra. This personalization adds a deeper layer of significance to the practice, as devotees invest their time, energy, and devotion into each repetition. 
Overall, the spiritual and devotional significance of a Likita Japam booklet lies in its role as a sacred tool for mantra repetition, devotion, concentration, purification, and spiritual progress. It serves as a tangible expression of the practitioner's commitment to their spiritual path and their ongoing relationship with the divine.

This Likita japa book is designed for writing your own personal mantra during likitha japa like Om ​Gam ​Ganapataye Namah, Om Namah Sivaya, Om Namo Narayanaya, Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya, Om Sri Ramaya Namah, Om ​Namo Venkatesaya Namah, Om Sri Chakra Vasinyai Namah; Om Sri lalitambikayai Namah, Om ​Sri Maha Lakshmyai ​Devyai ​Namah, Om Aim ​Srim Hrim ​Saraswatyai ​Devyai ​Namah, If you have ​not been initiated with ​a personal mantra,​ ​you can use the ​Supreme ​mantra ​"​Om Nam​ah Shivaya" for your practice of likitha japa. This is a mantra for inner peace and world peace which creates very harmonious and soothing vibrations.

One uniform style of writing or drawing will help concentration. You have a choice of scripts: you can write the mantra in the Western alphabet, in Devanagari (Sanskrit alphabet), or in any other script depending on your linguistic background.​ ​You can write the mantra in ​while sitting in ​front of your altar as part of your ​daily ​sadhana, ​and/or your ​regular spiritual practice. ​You are at your will to write any number of times in a day. It is also possible to write your mantra during​ work, travelling, 

For practicing likitha japa at home or in your spiritual community, it is best to ​hold this notebook​, designed ​specifically for the purpose of mantra writing. You can keep it on your bookshelf with spiritual literature or place it near your altar. Day after day, the pages of your notebook will fill themselves with a special spiritual vibration which will radiate out into the room where the notebooks are kept and far beyond.

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