Sri Chakra – Amethyst – Medium

Amethyst is not only​ a​ stunningly beautiful ​sacred crystal ​but also an exceedingly powerful healing stone which will help to energize your body, mind and spirit​, ​emanating ​a transformative vibration of peace, purity and higher wisdom.

Whether held in the hand or worn next to the skin or placed in an altar, amethyst cleanses, heals and gently opens the sahasrara chakra to the higher realms of wisdom and intuition, leading to greater divine knowledge. In the presence of amethyst​ sri chakra​, heaviness and negativity is cleared and lifted away, emotional pain is transmuted, and you begin to open to higher levels of divine consciousness.​ ​

Amethyst Sri Chakra supports us in having a Divine connection and opens us up to receive higher wisdom, guidance, and insights.It simultaneously helps us to connect ​with the higher​ realm​ stimulat​ing ​ the Third Eye and ​the ​Crown Chakra​ ​connecting us to ​the ​higher consciousness. Spiritual energy comes in from the top of the head and circulates through the chakras​ with the divine grace that gently removes all your blockages and limitations as you strive to move forward on the spiritual path.​ ​Having an

Amethyst Sri chakra will help you to gently release the fears that hold you back, and will help you to connect with your own intuition and divine vision. The more mantras and prayers you recite​,​ the more divine energy you will attract into your life for peace, purity and spiritual elevation​  So in order to ensure maximum purification and spiritual progress, please see The Spiritual Significance of Malas and Murtis.​​​​​

Please Note: Since all murtis are handcrafted in India, each item is unique and may vary in colour from the picture shown  

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