Light on Sri Lalita Sahasranama

Amma often tells us that we have to look beyond the literal, surface meanings of Sanskrit scriptures. In this newly revised edition, Amma describes the inner spiritual meanings of select names from the Lalita Sahasranama, a divinely revealed scripture describing the glory of Sri Lalita Parameswari. From this Book: "The names of Lalita Sahasranama are like beautiful, fragrant flowers which cannot be found in this world. They come from the garden of Manidwipa, the abode of Devi herself. No one has the courage to pluck those flowers from that garden. Thus, from the plant itself, the flowers are offered to the lotus feet of Divine Mother. The eight Vasinyadi Vagdevatas have emerged from Devi herself. Seeing the thousand flowers at the feet of Divine Mother, they have gathered them and offered them as prasadam to the rishis, who in turn have given them to all of humanity." "In Lalita Sahasranama parayana, we also come across the name 'Vamakesi.' Do you know the spiritual meaning of this name? Divine Mother's hair is like the feathers of a peacock, a golden-blue color. Her hair has been decorated with the slokas of the Vedas as her hairpins. We speak many words in this world, but our words must come from pure consciousness. Since the Vedas have become hairpins in the magnificent hairstyle of Divine Mother, when we speak, a flow of words must come from her hair, like the golden flow of a river, and fall on our tongues. Only then will we be able to speak sweet and kind words."

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